10 Best Plastic Surgeons in Arizona

Plastic surgery gets primarily done to improve a person’s appearance. However, besides this, many people turn to plastic surgery due to esteem issues, probably when one is not happy with how they look. With plastic surgery, you get a complete makeover whereby you get an appealing look which ushers in self-confidence. There are other benefits say; mental and physical health. Also, it is a gateway to many opportunities that encompass entertainment and beauty.

For you to take advantage of all the opportunities and still have that outgoing look and personality, you must settle for the best plastic surgeon in the market today. Stay away from quacks who can leave your features deformed and unappealing.

Below is a list of the best cosmetic surgeons in Arizona.

1. Semone Rochlin


She is a specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. She is based in Scottdale and Gilbert, Arizona, where her services entail; breast augmentation, liposuction, injectable fillers, Botox, tummy tucks among others. The cosmetic surgeon dr semone rochlin is a certified surgeon entrusted will the looks and the well-being of many patients.

2. Robert Cohen, MD

He is based in Paradise Valley providing waxing, anti-aging, acne treatment, wrinkle, brightening, microdermabrasion and mask treatments. He prides himself in making people look and feel their best despite their age.

3. Remus Reptas, MD

He is an alumnus of Portland State University and a psychology and biology major student. Later he ventured into plastic surgery in Michigan state university and have firsthand skills from expert plastic surgeons. He is passionate about his job, and his surgical skills and general knowledge of the body has seen him get a remarkable reputation in Arizona. For a facelift or a rhinoplasty, he stands to be the best.

4. Alexander Villares, MD

He is well acquainted with all aspect of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He is certified to personalize each patient needs to achieve the aesthetic looks and features that are alluring. Prides himself in good listening skills to provide quality services that surpass the client’s expectations. He has his post-graduate training in plastic surgery.

5. Dr. Shaun Parson

He well anchored in providing, reconstructive surgery, skin cancer, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, hair restoration, cosmetic surgery, and mammaplasty. He has in-depth know-how of his specialty which he has served for twenty-seven years.

6. Larry C Leverett, MD FACS

He works in conjunction with his qualified team to provide the best cosmetic treatments. He is based in Ahwatukee Foothills and has been in practice for twenty-one years. He has mastered the art of consultation and established a long-lasting relationship with the clients.

7. Robert Meger, M.D, PC

He is a certified board member who majors in complex and advanced cosmetic procedures. He is based in Phoenix, Arizona.


He is highly revered for his abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and lifts, breast reduction and implant and correction of mistakes got from previous procedures. Also, liposuction, butt lifts, Botox and skin rejuvenating procedures are expertly provided at his facility.

8. The Terkonda Center

He is based in Beverly Hills and Phoenix. He has been in the industry for over thirty years majoring in three specialties; sleep medicine, Plastic surgery, and Otolaryngology.

He can reshape and restructure deformed body parts. Also, he is well anchored as a cosmetic surgeon offering tummy tucks, liposuction, lip injection among other procedures.

9. Body by Kotoske

Dr. Kotoske is an award-winning cosmetic surgeon. He features tummy tucks, breast implants, facelift, and fillers. The many years in the venture has acquainted him with every aspect of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Quality and confidential is key to a long-lasting customer relationship.

10. John J Corey, MD

He ranks among the best surgeons in Arizona. Corey’s artistic training rates from his academic excellence in medicine and surgery. He got his plastic surgery residency at Georgia Augusta, where he acquainted himself with the basic concepts of plastic surgery. His approach to aesthetic surgery is engrossing, and he wants to perfect lives with his skills.

Plastic surgery is not something any uncouth quack can perform. If you are considering body restructuring procedures, consider reaching out to the above trustworthy professional.