Are Walk In Clinics Considered Urgent Care?

When an emergency arises, sometimes the only thing you can think about is how to get to the quickest emergency room. But, sometimes the emergency room is not the best option. With long wait times, and uncomfortable waiting rooms, wouldn’t you go somewhere else?

That is where a walk in clinic comes in. Sometimes, a walk-in clinic is the better choice of the two. At a WALK IN MEDICAL CLINIC, there are a few better options.

At an urgent care facility, the waiting times are cut in half. You can be in and out in no time at all. You would still go through the same routine, vitals, speaking with the nurse, getting checked in, and then you would go back to see the doctor; all within an hour or so. This option beats the 7+ hours you would have waiting at the emergency room. They can have you in and out in no time at all.


Another pro to going to a WALK IN MEDICAL CLINIC rather than an emergency room is the cost. Not everyone has insurance. When the need arises to seek medical help, the cost is the thing that crosses our mind. A trip to the emergency can cost hundreds of dollars. Why not go to a walk-in clinic instead?

At a walk-in clinic, you can pretty much cut that cost in half. You will save money and still, get great service from their medical team. They accept most insurances, but they also have discounted prices for pay it yourself customers.

At urgent care, they offer many services. They have their lab and X-rays on site. They do not have to send people out or send blood work out. So, the results come back a lot faster. They offer services from pediatric, colds, flu, sinus infections, body aches and pains, asthma, allergies, and many other services. With this wide range of services they offer, why not visit them? They offer the same services, but with a lot more positive.

Things you must keep in mind before stepping into a walk in medical clinic.

Though walk-in clinics are for meeting urgent needs, they sure should not be confused with emergencies. This is a step before the emergency. You may need medical attention for a minor ailment that cannot wait for a week. However, if you have met with an accident, the emergency department of a hospital is what you should be heading to and not walk-in clinics. One must not substitute walk-in clinics for their physicians at any cost. These clinics only offer temporary relief from ailments. They do not help treat serious and chronic health problems.


In retrospect, an urgent care facility can sometimes be the better choice rather than an emergency. And if you are not cutting back on service, or paying out more money, why not choose them? If you have a walk-in clinic or urgent care close to your home, spend some time and check them out. Maybe next time there is an emergency, they can offer a better experience.