Cheapest Clinics For Plastic Surgery Overseas

When it is a question of getting pocket-friendly cosmetic surgery procedures, there is a wealth of quality cosmetic surgery clinic to discover. Globally, the best plastic surgery clinics have the best surgeons who take pride in many years of experience in the field. For patients, it always a question of affordability. Hence most of the clinic are work tirelessly to ensure that they provide affordable service at the interest of their clients.

You no longer need to stomach a deformed face after an accident since reconstructive surgery, and other cosmetic procedures are widely available.

Below is a list of the cheapest clinics for plastic surgery overseas.

1. Estetik International, Istanbul

It is a highly revered Turkish clinic with the most prominent plastic surgeon, Dr. Bulentt Cihantimur. Besides the affordable prices, EstetiK is renown for quality customer services, ranging from non-surgical procedures for breast, face, hands, buttocks, and hands rejuvenation. The prices for the procedures are lower compared against other service providers around the globe.


Adcure Clinic It is a multidisciplinary clinic incorporating traditional and alternative medicines in their treatments. It is based in Spain and exercises an advanced level of professionalism.


They are well versed in Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, regenerative medicine, acupuncture, hair transplant using the FUE technique, besides many other medical principles. If you are not a loud person, Adcure is the place for you. Here your procedures are conducted at your discretion.

3. JK Plastic Surgery Center, Seoul

The clinic ranks first in providing unbeatable cosmetic procedures in South Korea. Close to one million cosmetic procedures get done every year owing to the medic’s expertise of many years in the field. The clinic records a hundred percent success rate in all its procedures.

They tend to patients needing stem cells rejuvenation, body contouring, hair transplant, breast augmentation, and reconstructive facial surgery. Patients from the UAE and the USA prefer JK to other cosmetic surgery destinations.

4. Bumrungrad International Hospital

It is in Bangkok Thailand which explains its luxurious hospital which gets mistaken for restaurants. Here, it is possible to combine your vacation with your cosmetic surgery. The surgeons are well versed in the field making a host of over five-hundred thousand patients a year.

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Bumrungrad has the certifications required to execute all plastic surgery procedures. The charges are welcoming, but this does not mean that the services are compromised. Get quality procedures at a friendly price in Bumrungrad.

5. Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

It is based in Visakhapatnam, India. India is renowned for its customer-friendly procedures that go at a lower price compared to Europe and USA. The good news is; the chargers are inclusive of language assistant and transfer services. The facility is headed by DR. C Vijay Kumar who has a vast experience in the field. He has performed over ten thousand successful procedures.

The facility offers, liposuction, breast augmentation, hair transplant services, face, and buttock lifts among others.

Even though getting the best plastic surgery clinics can be a challenge, traveling beyond your researching beyond what your States offer presents you with appealing cosmetic deals at a favorable price. You can have a look at the above list of cheap clinics providing surprisingly high-quality plastic procedures.