Month Of Action – Get Your Health Check

A regular checkup is the heart of preventive healthcare. We run a monthly program dubbed “get your healthy check” to promote preventive health services. Many of the ailments that are draining your pockets and killing our loved one’s are preventable or curable if detected early.

Doctor taking patients blood pressure in doctors office

If we take the case of cancer, the survival rate decreases based on the stage the disease was detected. There is 100% chance that an individual will survive if cancer was detected at stage I. This illustrates the importance of health checkups. If a disease is detected at its advanced stages little can be done, and at most times it will only drain you financially and emotionally.

These are some of the common healthy check pus that we advise for healthy living.

• Blood pressure

I have no underlying health condition, it is important to check your blood pressure every six months. If you have cardiovascular diseases, diabetes among other diseases, your blood pressure checks should be more frequent. Normal blood pressure should range from 120-139/ 80/89 Hg.

• Cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol are a risk for cardiovascular diseases. A regular check for cholesterol levels will advise on any lifestyle changes that you need to make to improve your health. You can avoid complicated heart conditions by visiting your doctor for a cholesterol check up.

• Pap smear

Women of reproductive age and beyond must go for a Pap smear test at least every two years. This test is used to establish if they have cervical cancer.

• Dental Checkup

At least you should visit your dentist every six months to get a dental examination. The dentist will examine your teeth and associated organs. Good dental health is critical for overall body health. Regular dental checkups will help you keep off gum and tooth problems.

• Blood tests

Most health conditions can be detected in blood. Conditions that affect most body organs can show in blood tests. Numerous blood tests can be done to ascertain your health. Common tests include liver and kidney function tests among others.

• Cancer testing

Early detection of cancer leads to cure. Common types of cancers that can be detected by regular check ups include; colon cancer, throat cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer.

• Sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections are common in populations that practice unprotected sex. Regular screening is important to prevent and treat these infections.

• BMI assessment

This is a ratio of your weight and height; a healthy BMI ratio should be between 20-25. A normal BMI index is essential to prevent disease like lifestyle conditions diabetes osteoporosis and heart diseases. These are some common tests that we recommend for a person who enrolls for our month of action program. The list is not conclusive; each individual is assessed and advised by our medical professionals on the tests that need to take.


In the month of action, we encourage families and individuals to take on the challenge of health check ups as a way of improving their health. Our tests are usually subsidized at this time. You should take control of your future by enrolling for health checkups. There are many benefits of health checkups including extending your lifespan and avoiding huge medical bills as a result of diseases that could be prevented. Do not miss out on this month of action to check for any potential or underlying health condition before it progresses to advanced stages.