Guide To Running In Bangkok

Bangkok has been a top tourist destination for many people who enjoy traveling. There are a lot of beautiful sceneries and a lot of green spaces to always enjoy while running. When in Thailand, there are a lot of places that you can enjoy visiting and lots of fun activities to engage in as well.

There are destinations such as the Chao Praya River, China Town, and the Chatuchak Park, to mention just but a few. You can always enjoy street foods while in Bangkok, as it is a leading trend in fitness.

There is also the Bangkok Marathon and a lot of running events that you can engage in. Below is a running guide that will help you to participate in running activities in your stay in Bangkok.

Bangkok Running Routes


Engaging in outdoor activities such as running ensures that we stay strong both physically and mentally. In Bangkok, you can find this for free from the many parts that are created for public use. The first park that you can visit and connect with hundreds of runners is Lumpini Park. It is quite a nice spot to enjoy outdoor leisure activities and fresh air. You can always check out for more info on running activities at Bangkok Goes Green Tour – 6K.

Those taking jogging practice and running there are many parks located near Chatuchak Market that they can enjoy running from.

Bangkok Running Clubs

There is nothing as more fun as running with a group of friends. While in Bangkok, you can run with people from all walks of life who are guided by the spirit of running together.

There are good examples such as the Nike Running Club (NRC BKK), which has a team of professionals such as coaches and pacesetters that help you during your running activities. There is also the Adidas Runners, who see themselves as a community of runners who help those engaging in running activities by holding events such as the AR events. find more info about these clubs from our website.

Running Climate in Bangkok

Jogging in bangkok

The climate of Thailand is usually described as hot and humid most time of the year. The tropical wet climate gives a good running environment. The temperatures are not so extreme, and you can see the runners wake up as early as five in the morning. Whether it is during the summer period or rainy season, running activities are always active, with a lot of people participating.

Bangkok Running Stores

You should go out there for a running activity dressed for the occasion. There are a lot of popular spots that you can buy running shoes as well as clothes.

Two significant stores bring about shopping options, and they include the Adidas Brand Center, which is situated at the 3/F Central World. The store has focused on footwear and analysis of the treadmills done from their Run Lab. There is also the Niak at Siam Square One that is the biggest brand of sportswear in Thailand. You can always get the latest brand of Nike footwear from this shop.