How Do I Prepare For A Gynecologist Appointment

All women should see a gynecologist as an essential part of ensuring they are always healthy. However, visiting a gynecologist may be very new and strange, making some women extremely anxious and even embarrassed at the same time. The thought of the doctor looking up your lady parts may be very scary, and you may have also changed your mind about going ultimately. Here are a few tips that make your visit much more comfortable.

Locate the best gynecologist

The first step to preparing for your visit is to locate the right gynecologist. Remember that comfort is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing one. It does not matter what is his or her gender is. It is all about how effective the care he or she gives you, and you are comfortable being around them.

Schedule an appointment

Asian OBGYN talking to patient in exam room

After you locate the right gynecologist like one from obgyn fort lauderdale, the next step is scheduling an appointment with them. If your visit incorporates a pelvic exam, it is important not to schedule it when you are on your period. This is because blood may interfere with the quality of your results, especially when taking tests like pap smears. However, there are exceptional circumstances when you can go when on your period, like when the bleeding excessive or other circumstances that force you to go on your periods.

Rethink pelvic grooming

If you usually shave your pelvic area, you may want to consider not doing so. Waxing or shaving your lady parts may sometimes cause inflammation or swelling around the area, causing your pelvic exam to be uncomfortable and highly challenging for the gynecologist.

Prepare a few questions that you may have

Prepare a list of any questions concerning your reproductive health that you may like your gynecologist to answer. You may ask several questions about excessive blood, abdominal pains, menstruation, spotting, painful urination, any swelling around the pelvic area, and much more. Never feel embarrassed about asking as many questions as you can so you get the most out of your visit.

Do not engage in sex the night before

Attentive teenage girl talks with female doctor

To ensure the results of your exam are as correct as possible, ensure you do not have sex the night before your visit since it makes it the doctor’s work more daunting. When you plan to undergo a pap smear, ensure you do not engage in sex two days before the exam. It is also advisable not to use lubricants before the exam.

Know the exams to expect

Another essential way to prepare for your exam is to know which tests to expect. The gynecologist will perform various tests, including breast examinations, STI tests, pap smears, and even blood tests. He or she may also ask you the kind of fertility plan you have your mood and even the contraceptives that you use.

All these questions are targeted towards enhancing your overall health.


These preparation tips will surely make you more comfortable during your session with the gynecologist. Be completely honest with your doctor about your medical history as well as your sexual life. This enables them to make the correct diagnosis possible.