The Ultimate List Of Team-building Activities

Team building activities are among the best way to keep your employees enjoying their stay in the workplace. However, with the full range of the events to select from, it comes out challenging to choose the best. Note that excellent team building activities should remain enjoyable at all times.

In this page, we outline an ultimate list of the best team building activities to engage your employees. Consider reading through the whole text for a chance to grasp a better understanding.

Karaoke stage

In this activity, you split the employees into two or more groups. Each group can consist of three to five participants. Let them pick a song of their will and perform it at the stage. It can involve playing the lyrics with air instruments. Music costumes are also necessary.

Water balloon tosses


Another game that you can consider effective is the water balloon tosses. Here, you fill the balloons with water and have the pairs toss to each other. The game should continue until we have a single aircraft not busted and the group becomes the winner.

Purpose mingles

The game will be an indoor activity and takes a maximum of 2 minutes. During the activity, let the individuals interact with as many workers possible.

Here, they will be sharing what they can do for the company. You can also include a prize for those who share the information with most people.

Scavenger hunt

The game needs an hour with small groups of participants. Each team should get some goofy tasks to participate. It could include taking photos with different objects.

Team Building

Give each group a list of activities to do. The group that completes the first one turns out the winner. However, you should consider mixing members from different departments. That encourages employees to work close to each other.

Blind retriever

In this activity, you split into two groups. From each group, blindfold one person and let him or her get directions from the group members to retrieve the hidden object. Whoever gets it first wins the prize.

These are a few of the group building activities that companies should adopt towards achieving teamwork among the workers. Consider practicing them, and you’ll love the results.