What Does Compression Gear Do

Expensive compression gear has become a trend that most athletes swear by. Since technology is advancing in this age, fitness clothing has become just as important as watching what we put into our bodies during exercise. In this article, I will take you through compression gear and what they do.

What is compression gear

Think of compression gear as an umbrella term for a spectrum of super revealing and super-tight colored garments. Compression socks are popular with runners hitting the racecourse for both short and long-distance runs.

Work out

Compression shorts come with different features including some having padded protection zones that are great for impact risk sports. Some compression shorts include cup holders for the cricket players and martial artists. There is also upper body compression gear that is commonly worn by the gym goes and footballers to keep them warm. find more info on compression gear here.

What compression gear does

Compression gear is designed to increase lymphatic and blood flow to a specified limb, thus improving performance. When used post-exercise, compression gear shortens recovery time and is great for workout warriors and athletes.

Compression gear started gaining popularity through triathletes and runners. Recently, however, almost all sports have embraced compression gear.

The scientific evidence of exactly how the compression gear works to improve performance is not clear. Studies, however, exist showing that there is increased oxygen circulation to the working muscles that are directly associated with using compression gear. When compression gear is worn post exercising, it improves warm-ups and reduces blood lactate levels.



Compression gear has become so popular among athletes and people looking to work out. The good news is that they are widely available in the market. Although the science is not proven, compression gear is important in your wardrobe especially when you engage in any form of exercising.