What Exactly Does An Obstetrician Do?

An obstetrician is known to be a medical doctor who mainly focuses on pregnancies and any other happening that occurs in the reproductive tract when a woman is with a baby, making plans to have a kid, or the woman has just given birth to one.

The area they specialize is obstetric, which involves everything that is part of pregnancy and the birthing process. Therefore, all these may consist of the female reproductive system, fetal growth, ad the process of birthing, as mentioned earlier.

Pregnant woman

Many people confuse them with gynecologists because of the medical services they provide to females. However, the key difference is an obstetrician performs surgery, and they mainly focus on labor and delivery. The obstetrician can also perform gynecology hence making them OB/GYN doctor.

OB/GYNs are known to have undertaken a four-year residency program in gynecology and obstetrics, and they also need to have graduated from a medical school.

During the residency program, they train in pregnancy, pre-pregnancy health, childbirth and labor, genetics, health problems after birth, and genetic counseling.

What does an obstetrician do?

The duties of obstetrician in coral springs revolve around pregnancy. They are responsible for consulting, coordinating, treating, and they are the ones who perform deliveries. They spend more time with the expectant mother during the prenatal phase before birth, discussing more the development of the baby. They look at all concerns that may present, which include; weight, gender, and general health of the infant. They are the one who handles any question relating to the baby and also helps in preparation for the arrival of the baby.


When it is time for delivery, they guide the mother in the whole process of labor and delivery. Breathing techniques and pushing of the baby are some of the activities they help the mother on.

It is stressful sometimes because of some of the complications that may arise during the delivery process. After the baby is born, they guide the monther on the healing process and address any complications that may occur.

Those obstetricians who specialize in gynecology may also help diagnose, treat, and prevent some diseases that affect women. At some time, they help treat infertility and help those who find it difficult to get pregnant. This is an overview of the functions of obstetricians.